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Latest Release (all Infos)

Bennett - Bravo - Mehrl - Olivera - Taveira - Italiano - -2014- En la vuelta de la voz - Artistas Varios - Tapa
Bennett / Bravo / Mehrl / Olivera / Taveira / Italiano — En la vuelta de la voz - Artistas Varios


suRRism-Phonoethics is a n0tlabel peaking the source since 2008 founded by Jaan Patterson.

suRRism Manifesto
PDF (® Nov.2007 Acedia Nuit & Jaan Patterson)

We are a non-profit netlabel specializing in Experimental music. Some of our releases could be classified as Electronic art music/Electronic music, industrial or experimental music with sub-genres like Electro-Acoustic, Improvisation & Cut-Up.
We're open beyond these genres.

All releases are free for download under
Creative Commons or Copyleft or R licenses.
(We may provide you with links to buy Albums) This will, in return keep the label running.

All Ears (latest Release)

Listen to 'En la vuelta de la voz' by Luis Bravo, John M. Bennett, Catherine Mehrl Bennett, Damián Taveira, Santiago Olivera, Juan Angel Italiano